Terra Incognito


Aspen, Maroon Bells & Crested Butte 1:50,000 Scale

4th Edition

Castle Peak
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Capitol Peak
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Dark Canyon
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The map is 1:50,000 scale and covers Ashcroft, Aspen, Capitol Peak, Castle Peak, Crested Butte, Conundrum Hot Springs, Frigid Air Pass, Gothic, Government Trail, The Grottos, Hunter Valley, Independence Pass, Marble, Maroon Bells, Oh-be-Joyful, Pearl Pass, Pyramid Peak, Redstone, Ruby, Rustler Gulch, Schofield Pass, Snowmass, Taylor Park & Pass, Yule Quarry and oh so much more. (A total of 18 USGS quad maps.)

The two maps cover seven lofty 14,000ft peaks Capitol Pk, Castle Pk, Conundrum Pk, Maroon Pk, North Maroon Pk, Pyramid Pk and Snowmass Mt.

The map shows large swaths of the White River National Forest and the Gunnison National Forest. A small slice of the San Isabel National Forest runs along the eastern edge of the map. The vast majority of the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness is shown; while huge chunks of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness and Raggeds Wilderness are also mapped. The whole SW section of the Hunter Fryingpan Wilderness, including the namesake headwaters are well revealed. And a big bit of the Mount Massive Wilderness stands out above Halfmoon Creek.

In short, you should see the map to see the amazing territory covered.

Extensive field scouting and research went into designing this map. The result is an accurate and up-to-date trail map packed with information. Several trails are published here for the first time. Historical routes are also shown.

Map Features

  • Two maps cover 9 USGS quads each. Each Map offers ideal coverage of the towns and nearby famous passes and mountain ranges. This combination of coverage makes for a good value.
  • Shading tints and contours enhance elevation cues and organize complex terrain.
  • Backcountry Ski Huts.
  • Trail rating symbols. Trails rated difficult, moderate, and easy. allowing people to plan the difficulty of their outing. Key roads are also rated for road biking and mountain biking.
  • Singletrack symbols for mountain biking.
  • Trail descriptions including directions, trail lengths, elevation gains, noteworthy features and more.
  • Historic routes shown for reference.
  • Ideal contour levels (80 feet) set to improve visualization of terrain forms and maximize elevation information. Additional key spot elements provided for reference.
  • Careful mapping and graphic stressing of natural hydrography to improve comprehension of the terrain forms. Numerous waterfalls and cascades published here for the first time.
  • Full UTM grid for easy use with GPS receivers., Trails indexed to UTM grid.
  • Printed on waterproof, tear-tough material for years of hands-on use.